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Power REIT (PW)

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    Recommendation [as of September 24, 2020]: Strong Buy

    SPGMI's Quality Ranking: B+

    Model Ranking Commentary

    AMEX: PW's STRONG BUY recommendation is based on its score from CFRA's quantitative model for the United States. Growth and Valuation model sub-categories are the two largest drivers of AMEX: PW's STRONG BUY recommendation. Growth includes factors that measure EPS growth and stability and cash flow growth and stability. Valuation includes factors such as price to earnings, price to EBITDA, and price to cash flow. AMEX: PW's overall score ranked in the 5th percentile of all stocks in the model universe (1 = best and 100 = worst).

    Source: CFRA, S&P Global Market Intelligence (SPGMI)
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    This stock is a hidden gem!
  • E
    sold some $BXMT to buy shares in here and have cash left over..
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    How low can this go?
  • b
    So this REIT doesn’t pay a dividend lol
  • B
    Seeing some gains today .. let’s go
  • A
    Reading the company update has me wishing I put way more money into it when I first did.. looking forward to PR regarding more acquisitions:)
  • F
    Consolidating 8 weeks now. Continue up soon?
  • s
    Two more days and after this I will never listen to Paul.
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    Worst stock to buy it will not go up it pretend to go up but it will crash and take your money. I stayed with this stock for 2 months and Paul said it will go up every freaking day but he was wrong. I lost 3700 on this stock. Buy iipr not pw, anyone does it hey will loose money. Worst stock ever 🤬
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    Time to sale my stock it’s been down n it’s not making me money just taking 💴😡
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    50 pps EOY
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    A message from the CEO - https://charts.stocktwits.com/production/original_226847044.jpg

    This should have ran up to $40 but dropped to $25, consolidated and we should see $33-$40 by the end of the month.
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    If they can add a 4% spread over borrowing costs based on new acquisitions, that should add $600,000 to cash flow on a yearly basis. Divide by 1.9 million shares or a ..30 per share increase in cash flow.
    Based on latest presentation they are doing .18 per quarter and could go up .075 with acquisitions to .255.
    What is fair value with FFO running at $1 per share per year?
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    Jumped on the train, my only two direct stock buys iipr and pw. Other invesments index etf only. Lets go cannabis REIT(s)!
  • V
    The street finally starts paying attention. Great new article (Feb 13 2020) https://fundasyinvestor.com/2020/02/13/one-small-stock-for-fundasy-one-big-a-opportunity-for-you-power-reit-pw/
    Key points of valuation from the article:
    "Market Cap of $21 million
    Book Value is $12.78 per share, $24 million Net Asset Value (greater than the market cap!)
    Forward FFO is $1.50+ per share (assuming management even halfway delivers)
    The price to forward FFO is 7.5 for the fiscal year 2020.
    Average 2020 REIT statistics:
    Price to Book per share: 2.1 (PW = .88)
    Price to forward FFO: over 20 (PW = 7.5)
    As you can see, PW is extremely undervalued, and if it shows that it can grow effectively in the next year or two then its evaluation can easily increase to the average REIT evaluations."
    **Forward: We promise we aren’t exclusively a Cannabis REIT advertising platform. But, akin to when you start pulling on a piece of yard or fabric in your jeans, sometimes more material can come ou…
    **Forward: We promise we aren’t exclusively a Cannabis REIT advertising platform. But, akin to when you start pulling on a piece of yard or fabric in your jeans, sometimes more material can come ou…
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    Has this been taken over by some day traders???
    A few weeks ago it was trading with an average volume of 2,000 shares a day (maybe less).
    Today 155,000 shares traded.
    Trading range between $8.08 and $10.16.
    That is some wild ride today.
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    Looks like they will have a FFO run rate of $1.50 per share if they can invest loan proceeds.
    So what type of multiple do you put on that multiple?
  • P
    Check this $IIPR gap over $100 pre market albeit low volume … could be massive short squeeze there and then we have 1m float $PW at $12 that is about to have approx. half the FFO of $IIPR …half of the $100 share price of $IIPR would be $50 for $PW for high level perspective imo
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    I'm so glad they raised funds without diluting shareholders. Share price is below Net Asset Value still. Hopefully they use some of the money to call in the Preferred Series A shares they pay 7%+ on. I'm looking forward to the new PR they will get from press releases on new properties bought. Hopefully that will drive a lot of activity and liquidity to us over the next year!